Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This is our one and only cat.  Actually we are his people.  Those of you who have cats know that you don't ever really own them, they own you.

He is an outside cat about 90% of the time.  He occasionally comes in the house and allows Scamper to torment him briefly before he unsheathes his claws, and shows her who is REALLY in charge.

He does a good job of keeping the mouse population to a minimum around our homestead.  In exchange we feed him cat food and allow him to take naps in our flower beds, and on top of our gas grill.

He has two habits that are rather annoying.  He cannot be petted without kneading something soft (my lap) and he also drools when you scratch his ears.  Besides those two minor faults he is an exemplary cat.

My husband ( a non-cat-lover ) puts up with Kasey's presence, and Kasey, in typical cat form, chooses to snobbishly ignore him. 

Out of sheer boredom Kasey will sometimes saunter over to our next door neighbors to fight with their cat.  Our neighbor lady solves this by shooting them with her water pistol--a very effective treatment.

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