Saturday, August 31, 2013

Things I'm Happy For This Saturday 7

Flash from the past.......remember these Saturday posts?

Saturdays--Starting back to school makes me appreciate this day of the week for "catching up"

Produce from the garden--I'm trying to remember that all this bounty that I'm canning will be worth the pinched nerve in my back--this winter.

An Industrious 10 year old--Mopped my bathroom, cleaned my laundry room, and swept out several dusty corners all in the last half hour.

Bloggy Friends--I enjoy your comments, and interaction here on my blog so much.  I often lack adult conversation, and you help fill that gap in my life.

Toddlers Playing Together Happily--Peace is reigning for the moment, and I'm basking in it. 

What is making you smile today?