Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Second Son

This morning I saw his blue eyes sparkle as he watched a plumber pull a hairbrush from our toilet.  Instead of being appalled he was fascinated, and I smiled. 

He is my ever curious son who pushes every button, and dismantles every toy just to see what will happen.

I sometimes wonder who, or what he will be when he grows up. 

He has caused me a lot of worry in his seven years because he tends to do first, and think later.

Sleep is an unnecessary nuisance to him.

He is the last to go to sleep and the first awake--life is much too interesting to waste sleeping.

If I lose something (and I frequently do) I always ask him first, and often he knows where it is. 

He is my official "baby watcher."  When I have a job that requires a lot of concentration he is the one I ask to help with the little ones. 

In personality he is very different from me, but I love him for it!

He smiles and flits his way through his days like a slightly over-caffeinated angel making impulsive choices that cause me to sigh, but at the end of the day curling up to me on the couch--all angles and elbows, but full of impulsive love for his mom.