Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New Goal continued

A couple days ago I posted the first part of this series.   If you haven't read it yet go here

I've really enjoyed hearing from you about how you handle drop-in company, and also hearing that a lot of you have had experience with drop-in company at very inconvenient times.

Our lives are very busy right now.  I home school our two boys, and we are foster parents to two younger boys.  My husband drives truck during the "non-snow" months and as a result is gone for some very long hours during the summer.  All of these things make the "hermit" in me want to hunker down in the winter, lock my doors and refuse to answer my phone. 

However, this brings me to an important point about having visitors in my home.  Most of the time when I do have company I am the one who ends up feeling blessed by it, and the more I think about it isn't that really the point?

Having people into your home shouldn't be about impressing them with our beautiful home, or our astounding cooking skills.  It's about fellowship. 

People need each other.  I personally am a better person because of the people in my life.  They encourage me, build me up, and spur me on to try harder.

Which brings me to my second point.


Fellowship is the Reason To Have Company


Based on the title of this series you might assume that I set some kind of goal or challenge for myself regarding having people in my home.  I have!

Every week I am trying to do one hospitable activity.  Whether it is having company over for a meal or coffee, or just taking a busy mom a frozen meal.  This is a good challenge for me because it keeps me from slipping into the habit of thinking that I don't have time.

Finally, there is one aspect of having company that I haven't addressed, but got some comments about last time.


 There are seasons in our lives when having company in our home is not possible. 


 Right after we got our two little foster boys I struggled to make it through each day, and having company over for a meal would have thrown me completely over the edge.

  I don't think there is anything wrong with saying "no" if someone wants to come visit.  Our family should come first, and there is a polite way to decline.

The reason for writing this article stemmed from some drop-in company that we had, and while I'm not  advocating stopping in at someone's  home without calling it does happen once in a while. 

 The way that I've decided to handle this particular situation is to just keep doing what I was doing and visit while I work.  For example, if I'm folding a load of clothes I can chat while I do that.  Maybe some would consider this rude, but I simply view it as them stopping while I'm "on the clock" and I can talk and work at the same time.

One final thought, if you are struggling to feel calm and collected about having company in your home the best way to combat that is "practice."  I've noticed the more often I have company--the easier it gets.