Wednesday, April 23, 2014

House Hunting


Some relatively new news around our house is that we are planning to move.

We are preparing our current home to go on the market, and we are also house hunting for a new home.

We're moving about twenty to thirty miles west of where we currently live to be closer to church, and also nearer my parents who are needing a little more help as they get older.

Here's the thing though.

I HATE house hunting.

I would just like the looking process to be over.......yesterday.

It seems like everything in our price range is too small, in the wrong location, or has no place for a few chickens......all important things for our family.

To keep things in perspective I made a list of the "requirements" for a house for our family.

It's pretty short really.

1. Enough space for our family, and animals, both inside the house and outside. ( No, we aren't planning on putting the chickens in the house, or the children in the yard.)

2. A basement.....doesn't have to be a fancy one.....just a place to store things.

3.  A garage, or barn for hubby's tools and lawn mower etc.

That's pretty much the list.


So, I'm curious............

If you were in the market for a house, what would be on your list?