Thursday, June 28, 2012

God's Timing

God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and it takes a lot of faith. but it’s worth the wait. ♥

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baked Beans

Have you ever tasted baked beans that were so flavorful and sweet that you could serve them for a main course?

  This is actually my sister-in-law's recipe, and she is so famous for them that we tease her that she can't come to our family reunion unless she brings her baked beans. :)

1 (48 ounce) can of Great White Northern Beans drained slightly 

3/4 cup of brown sugar

1/2 pound of bacon fried and drained ( or you can use the prefried variety )

Splash of molasses

After you drain the beans mix all the ingredients in a baking dish.  Bake at 300 degrees for at least 2-3 hours--more is better--the flavors blend more the longer you bake it.  Serve with your favorite picnic menu.

Do you have a favorite baked bean recipe?  If you do feel free to put a link to it in the comments.  I enjoy trying new recipes!

Monday, June 25, 2012

ABC's of Motherhood


M is for "Make The Best of It"


Motherhood has a way of handing out some tough challenges.  Some of us have children with special needs that we never imagined when we pictured being a mom.  Some of are facing financial challenges that are stretching us.  Some of us may be experiencing marriage problems.

While I'm not suggesting we stick our heads in the sand I think some of life's problems are best faced with a bit of common sense.  If we spend all our time bemoaning what "might have been" we aren't putting our heart into making it better.

That child whose struggles frustrate us isn't helped by a mother who is in a state of depression.  The financial struggles aren't improved if we gripe about what we can't afford, and most marriages aren't helped by wishing that we had married prince charming.

Find a mom who has a child with similar special needs, and ask her for some input with your child.  Look online for tips on saving money and budgeting what income you have.  If your marriage is faltering talk to your minister about some quality marriage counseling, and in the meantime try praying for your spouse no matter how much they are frustrating you right now.

Most importantly commit to not communicating negatively about whatever is challenging you.  You should talk about it, but if you are constantly complaining about it the issue can become a mountain.

I am by no means an expert on any of the three challenges that I wrote about, but I have experienced all three at different times in my life.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Like Spaghetti

Some days my thoughts feel all tangled up like spaghetti.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


A cinnamon raisin bagel with a cold cup of milk

The perfect breakfast for a warm summer morning.

What did you have for breakfast?

Monday, June 18, 2012

ABC's of Motherhood


  1. L is for "Laughter"

There is something about maintaining a sense of humor that makes the more intense difficult days of being a mother more bearable.  In fact I have a theory that some of the best mothers are the one's who can laugh at the worst circumstances.

I have a good friend who has children that are just a few years older than mine.  One day as we chatted on the phone I could hear whoops of laughter coming from the background--somebody was obviously having a very good time.  When I inquired she told me that her children were sliding down the stairs on a crib mattress. 

As I silently pondered the damage to the mattress and the stairs she added that she wanted them to clean out from under their beds, and she saw this activity as a means to an end.

I learned an excellent lesson that day in just enjoying the moment.  Eventually this mom would put an end to the mattress surfing, and they would start cleaning, but in the meantime she was laughing with them.

Now it's your turn--what are some of the best laughs you've had lately--either with, or at your children.

Friday, June 15, 2012


We're in the middle of two weeks of Vacation Bible School.

My oldest is having a flair-up of asthma-like symptoms.

I'm tired.

The weather is very hot--upper 90's.

I need to go grocery shopping, and lack the motivation to do it. ( How pathetic is that?)

My brain feels like there are cobwebs in it.

When that feeling goes away I'll try to blog more.

What's new with all of you?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Second Son

This morning I saw his blue eyes sparkle as he watched a plumber pull a hairbrush from our toilet.  Instead of being appalled he was fascinated, and I smiled. 

He is my ever curious son who pushes every button, and dismantles every toy just to see what will happen.

I sometimes wonder who, or what he will be when he grows up. 

He has caused me a lot of worry in his seven years because he tends to do first, and think later.

Sleep is an unnecessary nuisance to him.

He is the last to go to sleep and the first awake--life is much too interesting to waste sleeping.

If I lose something (and I frequently do) I always ask him first, and often he knows where it is. 

He is my official "baby watcher."  When I have a job that requires a lot of concentration he is the one I ask to help with the little ones. 

In personality he is very different from me, but I love him for it!

He smiles and flits his way through his days like a slightly over-caffeinated angel making impulsive choices that cause me to sigh, but at the end of the day curling up to me on the couch--all angles and elbows, but full of impulsive love for his mom.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Finding A New Normal

Where have I been you ask?

Well, I've been on vacation--or at least my brain has been.

My body on  the other hand has been right here at home doing laundry and all that other mommy stuff.

But every time I try to write a blog post--my brain draws a blank---so it must have been on vacation.

I'm hoping it went somewhere nice--like a quiet little cabin on a lake.

Where it could sit with a cup of coffee on the back porch and watch the sun rise.

Does my brain drink coffee when it's separated from my body?

Anyway, we are all adjusting to a new normal around our house.

Going from nine people--back to six people does feel rather different.

And yes, there have been some tears, and some yelling, (Why do little boys yell when they feel sad?) but we're going to be ok.

I can tell--because my brain is back from it's vacation, and feels like blogging again.