Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What Blogs Do You Read

B  L  O  G  S


I was just wondering.........................................

What kind of blogs do you read?

I have several different categories that most of my favorite blogs fall into.

The first one is "People I Know."  I read two or three blogs that are authored by people that I know in real life--it's so fun to keep in contact that way.

The next one is--you guessed it--"Adoption Blogs"  I LOVE to read about other families who have a heart for the orphan.

The third one is "Cooking Blogs"  I'm always looking for inspiration in the kitchen.

The fourth one is "Organization Blogs"  ummmm, because it lights a fire under me to get busy. 

The fifth one doesn't really have a name, but it's people who I just connect with--when I read their posts I know that they are someone who I would enjoy having a cup of coffee with--they are my online friends.

Last, but not least I like to read "Big Family Blogs" mom's with a lot of little ones are an encouragement to me.

I'm curious, what different kinds of blogs do you read?