Monday, February 6, 2012

ABC's of Motherhood

I've decided to have a theme for Monday's.  Partly because Monday is a difficult day for me, but also because it's a good way to start the week.  I am going to work my way through the alphabet with something that applies to mothering that starts with each letter of the alphabet.


A is for attitude.


Over and over I've noticed that my attitude sets the theme for our home. 

When I am positive and upbeat my children are too. 

When I am grouchy and tired they snap at each other and grumble their way through the day.

I realize that not every day is a good day, and plastering a smile on your face like a clown will not automatically make things better.  However, when I feel myself spiraling into a "funk" I try to slip away from the situation and give myself this pep talk.

" I am the only one who can change my bad attitude--blaming it on someone or something else doesn't help--choosing to be happy in spite of my circumstances DOES!"