Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my mom's birthday.  I won't tell her age because I'm pretty sure she doesn't want all of blog world knowing that.

When my mom was..... er, over 40, she found out that somewhat unexpectedly she was pregnant.  I'm pretty certain she thought her days of babies were over, and then I came along.

I am her only daughter, and perhaps the source of quite a few grey hairs on her head.

Funny thing is. I never heard her complain about starting over with a baby in her 40's, but then again I haven't heard her complain about much of anything over the years.  She is one of the most patient people I know.

Sometime in my early teens my relationship with my mom changed to more of a friendship.  The older I get the more that is true.

Almost every day I talk to her on the phone as I finish my morning coffee.

We talk about the weather, how well we slept the night before, and what we need to accomplish that day.

Simple things, and yet so important.

We laugh about the funny things my children have said or done.

Our relationship is comfortable---like a broken-in chair.

I hope that I am as good a mother to my children as she has been to me.

Happy Birthday Mom--hope your day was special!