Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Craziness At Our House

I'm considering having an IV port inserted in my arm so that I can take my coffee intravenously.  I feel like the last six months of "tired" are all catching up with me this week.

Someone is "making eggs"--by pounding on a plastic ball with a toy hammer. ( They say children imitate what they see--I don't think I've EVER made eggs with a hammer.)

No gifts are wrapped at my house yet.  I HATE wrapping presents.  Somebody want to come do it for me?

My son just asked me what 5 minus 8 is?  Really?????

Another child of mine informed me that yogurt does not count as breakfast.  Apparently we need to have something else for breakfast.

There is a twenty pound turkey brining in a bucket on the front porch.  Poor thing!

Where is the snow?  Have I mentioned that I would like to see some snow?

How do I keep an exuberant two year old from dropping his pants to show EVERYONE his "big boy undies?"

I'm ready for Christmas--really I am.