Monday, September 16, 2013


I keep thinking I need to update you on foster parenting, and pregnancy, but I'm too lazy to do two separate posts.

Sugar Pea's case is finally moving again.  Birth dad has a termination of parental rights trial coming up in about four weeks!!!!  The miracle that we had been praying for.  In the meantime he hasn't been showing up for his visits which means less trauma for Sugar Pea, and less trauma for me. :)

I'm still pregnant.  Someone told me early on in this pregnancy that you don't really get much bigger the last month or two.....well......they were WRONG.  Suffice it to say that I now walk a little like an overweight goose.

I feel good though--a little tired--but really fairly good.

I have about three more weeks to my official due date.

I looked at the mountain range of ripening tomatoes on my porch last night, and I cried.  Hubby caught me at it, and said I should just give them away.  I stubbornly set my jaw, and shook my head.  Sometimes I think I'm addicted to canning.........

So, there you have it--all the pertinent news around our house.  And probably one or two things that weren't all that pertinent.