Friday, October 26, 2012

Etsy--how I love Thee

Before I became a mommy one of my favorite things to do was browse antique stores.  I know that may seem odd to those of you who have been in my home because I don't have a lot of antiquey furniture or knick knacks sitting around.

The truth of the matter is I rarely made a purchase, but I loved to wander and look, and literally lose myself in all the junk treasures.

However, since I have I family, I don't go near antique stores very often anymore.  Antique dealers tend to frown on toddlers careening through their breakables, and I can't afford broken porcelain chamber pots.

Etsy shops have become my "mommy friendly" alternative.  I browse through the junk treasures to my hearts content, and the chamber pots are safe. :)

I have a couple favorite shops, but until last week I had never made a purchase. be continued.