Friday, June 14, 2013


I never wear shoes if I can help it.

Even in the winter--I go barefoot inside.

I think part of the reason for this is that very few shoes feel truly comfortable to me.

(Especially not dress shoes.)

Sometimes I think that shoe company's make them that way on purpose. :)

Do you like to go barefoot?

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Growing up I had a number of cousins that lived only a mile or two from us, and we spent countless hours playing, and spending days at Grandma's house.

Dan was one of my favorites, he was about 10 years older than I, and stood at least two feet above my tiny frame.  I remember thinking that he didn't use many words when he talked, but I always knew what he meant, and words are unnecessary when you are little.

He loved baseball, and played countless games in which he was the pitcher, batter, umpire, and fans all in one.  I didn't know much about sports, but I liked to watch him--he was so animated, and happy.  One time I stood too close to his back-swing and received a knot on the head.  I ran to my mom crying, but through my tears told her "Dan didn't mean to--I stood where he couldn't see me."

Dan taught me how to play Uno.  He would patiently deal the cards and then show me which card to play when it was my turn.  I think I was only about five, and didn't understand much of the strategy of the game until later.

 I was about 7 or 8 when I realized that Dan was different than I.  Things that I couldn't put my finger on felt a little off somehow.  I suppose it was around this same age that some children at my school used the word "retard" to label a child who struggled with academics, and I was outraged.

For a rather shy student I spoke out angrily at the teasing.  I gave a 2nd grade lecture, complete with hands on my hips, to the other children on being kind, and the virtues of recognizing different talents than academics.  They gave me a blank stare--but for the first time I realized that Dan and other people like him needed someone to speak up for them.

 I could do that--Dan may not communicate well, or be able to think exactly like I could, but I could speak out for him.  So I did!  When my friends would meet him for the first time I tried to point out his talents, and later explained his differences.

 I didn't realize it, but Dan affected how I looked at the world around me in a profound way.

I see him about once a year now.  He's in his forty's and he still loves baseball.  He talks less than he used to, but I can still make him smile.

Last year when Sugar Pea was a tiny baby I saw him at a family picnic.  He peeked into my arms at her tiny form and wrinkled face, and grinned and gave me thumbs up.  He may not understand foster parenting, or where this little baby came from, but he approved, and that made me smile.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sugar Pea


From the top of my curly head.

To the bottom of my chubby feet.

I am completely Chubalicious!


Yes, that’s the toilet—yuck!

Yes, the picture is blurry—because I rarely hold still.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Feeling Bulky

Note; if you prayed Wednesday thank you!  There was some positive progress--no real action was taken, but the judge is making a ruling in ten days.  

Pregnancy is starting to feel a little more normal to me.

Sleeping with four pillows, and bumping into things with my belly is an every day experience.

I'm sleeping better at night, and feeling more energetic during the day.

I feel like I have my own personal built-in heater.  We've had a few rather cool nights lately, but I'm warm as toast--probably not something I'll appreciate in July, but for now I'm enjoying it.

I'm drinking coffee again--limiting myself to one cup a day, and also enjoying most foods--what am I saying--I'm enjoying all foods.  My hubby jokes that he has to hurry and clean his plate, or I start eyeing it hungrily.

The baby's movements have changed from feeling like flutters to some slightly alarming flopping, and flipping.
I never get tired of feeling him move though.

I have two friends who are pregnant--one is six weeks ahead of me, and the other is six weeks behind me.  We didn't plan this obviously, but it is a lot of fun to compare notes, and encourage each other.

I left you a hint in this post--did you catch it?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fostering Update

Sugar Pea has a permanency planning hearing coming up on Wednesday.

There are basically three different ways this could go.

The judge could determine that the birth parents are following their case plan and move toward reunification with them.  He could begin the process of terminating both of their parental rights, or he could grant a three month extension, and make a decision then.

This judge tends to be very very cautious in making any decision toward termination of parental rights.  I appreciate his point of view, but from my angle it can get a little frustrating.

The birth parents aren't doing anything toward getting their child back except for showing up for their visits......some of the time.

I'm trying to have the right attitude in all of this--you know--neutral foster parent.  I'm not doing a very good job.

My reason for sharing all of this is to ask you to please, please, pray for this hearing.  There are so many more details that I can't share, but suffice it to say that this case has burned me out.

I'll give you a pregnancy update in a day or two.