Monday, July 22, 2013

Picking Beans


I'm working on green beans today.

I picked about half of the six rows that I planted so unwisely this spring.

My sweet husband picked the other half.

As I was picking I started thinking about how cranky it makes me to do this.

I like to garden......but I have this problem in my mind.

When I'm planting my garden it always seems urgent to plant LARGE amounts of green beans.

Those rows don't look long at all when I'm placing the seeds in the soft soil.

They don't even look long when the baby bean plants start poking their innocent little heads out of the ground.

But, oh, when the beans are hanging thick, and the sun is hot...........

I try to think about all the people in other countries who don't have enough to eat, and how much they would appreciate my beans.

But the only feeling I can conjure up is a vague wish that those far away people would come pick my beans for me.

I know my family will enjoy the green beans this winter, and I'm grateful for them.

But if any of you are around next spring when I'm planting my garden...............

Please remind me to not plant so many green beans.