Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Ok, so I promised that I would tell you about the one small thing that has been keeping me from my blog.

I've been so tired--I mean fall asleep in my chair with my children playing around me tired.

I started feeling nauseous a couple weeks ago, and thought I had the stomach flu.

Then I thought maybe I was going through early menopause. ( sorry, I really did )

But the truth is that I'm pregnant!

You can stop laughing now. :)

After fifteen plus years of marriage, and several doctors telling us that it was "extremely unlikely" that I would ever conceive.

I'll try to keep all of you updated--for now the news is this.

I can't drink coffee--it makes me feel ill.

I feel tired--did I mention that already?

Reading things on the computer makes my nausea worse--hence my absence on my blog.

I got to see it's little heart beating yesterday via ultrasound--made me feel so happy!!!!