Monday, April 9, 2012

ABC's of Motherhood


H is for "hear"


Every day my ears are bombarded with many things.  However, I have a choice as to what I actually "hear."
I think most mom's are pretty good at tuning out some things, and listening to others, but it does take some effort.

For example today I could choose to hear a lot of whining and sobbing from my youngest who is teething.  Instead I think I'll focus on hearing his chuckles of delight over the craft pom poms that I allowed him to play with. (It looks like a "no no" and that's what makes it appealing.)

Another thing that I sometimes "hear" is criticism from others.  I can choose to listen and dwell on the negativity, or I can remember that they aren't walking in my shoes right now, and truly may not understand.

What are some good things that you are choosing to hear today?