Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why Save All The Fun For Friday

I have this habit of planning all the "fun" in my week for either Friday, or the week-end.  Let me explain.

  On Friday we often do something special for lunch.  I often skip some of the more time consuming parts of our home-schooling like flash cards.  Sometimes we eat out as a family for supper, and I used to get groceries on Friday, or Saturday.  As a result everyone--including me--looked forward to Friday's.

In contrast we all dreaded Monday.  It's hard to get back in the "school mindset".  We are tired from the week-end, and the day stretches out in a grey haze that even coffee can't cut.

So today I wracked my brain to think of something to break this yucky Monday cycle. 

I decided why not do some fun things on Monday? Why save all the fun for Friday?

 I told the children that we would get lunch in town if they worked willingly. You should have seen the pencils fly. I even felt excited over the fact that I didn't have to think about lunch.

I've also started doing my grocery shopping on Monday. It's a rather nice way to start the week with a fridge full of food.

I guess some of the tradition behind doing all the shopping etc. on Friday has to do with Friday being the typical paycheck day.  However, my husband is self-employed and he gets "paid" most of the time on Tuesday.

What about you--what day of the week do you grocery shop or eat out or do extra "fun" things?