Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day Three

My search for clutter took me to a difficult place today--the bookshelf.  I LOVE to read, and I LOVE books, and thus it is painful for me to get rid of books--even books that I don't like.  Isn't that silly?

  For some inexplicable reason I value books almost higher than any other possession in my home, and I can easily become overrun with the written word.

I mostly hit the children's bookshelf, but I also purged some of my books.  I tried to especially target the books that are an enjoyable light read, but have no real value.  Many of these books I buy second-hand, and so there is no great monetary value.

I also hit my medicine cabinets, and my laundry cupboard.  I found some wax for wood floors--our current home has only carpet and linoleum.

I found a can of air freshener--we can't use this because of allergies in our home.

I found some cradle cap conditioner--it was badly outdated, and currently no one has cradle cap.

I found some craft books for cross stitch--much as it pains me to admit it I don't have the patience for counted cross stitch.

Once again I easily met my goal for ten or more things.  The back of my van is filling up fast.

What did you declutter today?