Monday, June 18, 2012

ABC's of Motherhood


  1. L is for "Laughter"

There is something about maintaining a sense of humor that makes the more intense difficult days of being a mother more bearable.  In fact I have a theory that some of the best mothers are the one's who can laugh at the worst circumstances.

I have a good friend who has children that are just a few years older than mine.  One day as we chatted on the phone I could hear whoops of laughter coming from the background--somebody was obviously having a very good time.  When I inquired she told me that her children were sliding down the stairs on a crib mattress. 

As I silently pondered the damage to the mattress and the stairs she added that she wanted them to clean out from under their beds, and she saw this activity as a means to an end.

I learned an excellent lesson that day in just enjoying the moment.  Eventually this mom would put an end to the mattress surfing, and they would start cleaning, but in the meantime she was laughing with them.

Now it's your turn--what are some of the best laughs you've had lately--either with, or at your children.