Monday, May 23, 2011

When Plans Fail

Last week was a little busier than I expected, and as a result the only thing that was accomplished on my list was the garden seeds getting planted.  Life is like that--sometimes the best plans fail, and unexpected interruptions come up. 

The important thing is how we respond when our plans get rearranged.  I have to admit that I often get irritated and impatient with schedule changes.  This is something that I'm working on--being more flexible, and open to what God's plans are for my day.

My new updated list for this week.

1.  Clean venetian blinds in master bedroom.

2.  Clean off and organize laundry room shelf.

3.  Clean a little in the garage each day.

4.  Clean and put away humidifiers for the summer.

The garage is a project that I don't expect to accomplish in one week.  I'm hoping to work about an hour a day on it until it is done.  This may take me several weeks. 

I'm struggling to make the transition from school year to summer.  It always seems like the change in routine takes a week or two for us as a family to adjust.  I would be open for advice in this area. 

How does your family transition from the busier school year to the more relaxed (hopefully) summer?

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