Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why "Chicken Scratchings"

There is a story behind my blog title.  No, I don't plan to post mostly about chickens--although they are a common theme around here.

My mom moved out of her home state several years after she married, and at that time snail mail was the cheapest method of communication.  Now, my mom is a proficient letter writer, but she had a single brother who was not.  He cared for his out-of-state sister however, and he did his very best.  His grammar and punctuation left something to be desired, and was a source of amusement to my mom.

  For one reason or another my mother has saved some of my uncle's letters, and occasionally I dig them out and read them.
One of the letters began with these words  "I hope you can read my chicken scratchings."  And thus the name of my blog was born. 

My uncle passed away several years ago, but I have some very fond memories of his love of the land.  He was a veteran homesteader who survived without many of the conveniences that I consider necessities.

 He never had very much in the way of worldly possession's, but was rich in contentment.  He had a profound limp that made his work slow and clumsy, and yet to my knowledge never complained.

His life was, and is an inspiration to me of perseverance and contentment.

Do you have someone in your past or present who inspires you?