Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Seeing Red

I love yard sales.  There is something so invigorating about buying something that you need for so much less than what it retails for in the store.  I have bought clothes, furniture, dishes, linens, and even Christmas and birthday gifts at yard sales. 
If you think it's weird or disgusting to buy gifts at a yard sale let me ask you one question.  What is the difference between new Lego's and yard sale Lego's?  This was what got me thinking about whether it really mattered if some of my children's gifts were second hand.  Besides, I don't want my children to only value things that come in shiny new wrappers. 
I've also noticed that I can often find higher quality items that I could never afford new at garage and yard sales.  Many of my yard sale bargains have outlasted things that I bought new.
This is my latest yard sale purchase.  (No, I'm not talking about the dog.)  I bought eight red cloth napkins for 50 cents a piece.  My kitchen is red and these napkins look perfect there.  They don't look too bad on my clothesline either with all the green grass in the background.
  I also purchased a couple of pillow slips that are striped and match my boys sheets.  For some reason they are extra hard on pillow slips and they wear out before the sheets.  Possibly because they get used for impromptu sack races across the family room.
Last, but not least I bought a Jenga game.  This game retails for around $15.00 new, and I paid $1.50.
The best part about it is I didn't make a special trip to save all this money.  I was on my way home from running some errands, saw the yard sale and stopped.  So, I didn't spend any extra money in gas. 
 That's why I'm seeing red or maybe I should say green. :)
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  1. Good call. LOVE those napkins. I had bright green ones for years bought the same way. So fun.

  2. Beautiful Napkins! Little things like that dress up the kitchen soo much. You can't beat the price either.


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