Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Open Hands

I tend to get attached to things.  Especially things that are close to me.  I like my house and the furnishings in it, and I get upset when something gets lost or broken.

I'm that way with my children too.  I tend to think of them as "mine."  I don't like the thought of them growing up and "flying away."  I hold them tightly with a strong grip.

For this reason foster parenting is a scary venture for me.  I don't like to think about losing someone I've grown close to .

However, none of the things that I mentioned before are really mine.  Not my house--the things in it--my children--or my foster children.  They all belong to God first.

I must hold all of it loosely.   If I grasp at things and people too tightly I don't have my hands open for God to place added blessings in them.

So, I hold all of it with open hands.

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