Saturday, July 9, 2011

Things I'm Happy For This Saturday 2

Naps--I was up more than down last night.

Weeds--there's something very therapeutic about garden weeding.

Grilled Food--for me this means two things-I didn't have to cook, and my kitchen stayed clean.

Good Friends--sometimes a simple phone call can do so much to cheer, and encourage me!!

A Dishwasher--don't know how I would keep up with all the bottles and sippy cups without this appliance.

Sunshine--even tho we could use some rain I do enjoy the bright sunny days.

What are you happy for this Saturday?


  1. Happy to have come across your blog. I'm really enjoying it and think that we have much in common.

  2. What a nice thing to say Beccy!! I can't comment on your blog for some reason, but I checked it out and enjoy it a lot!!


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