Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Romantic or Practical

I received two gifts for my anniversary.


One romantic..............

and one practical.

I liked both of them!!

What type of gifts do you enjoy receiving?

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  1. You know, I actually seem to get more excited about the practical ones lately! Although the romantic ones are pretty great too!

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Karen, Me too! I tend to be the more practical one, and my hubby is the hopeless romantic. :)

  3. I love either! I really never mind pratical gifts that make my life easier! WE went through two of those Bissels over 20 years. They are great! We got an Oreck this last time around. All of our carpets could use a good cleaning. I kept saying I'd wait til summer was over...well that time has come! ha.

    Enjoy! The roses are pretty, too!

  4. Betsy--Is an Oreck carpet cleaner smaller than a Bissel? I've only ever owned Bissel's, and my previous one was bought second-hand--so I'm hoping a new one lasts longer.


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