Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why Do I Blog

Today I'm answering a question from Karen.  She actually asked a couple of questions, but I'll answer the other ones later. 

"How did you decide to start blogging?"

Well, for a couple reasons actually.  I've always enjoyed writing.  In high school I delighted in the writing assignments, but as I've gotten a little older writing has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  It's like therapy.  Nothing makes me feel better than a half an hour of writing.  I don't knit, crochet, quilt, scrapbook, or do a lot of other hobbies so words are my thing.

Another reason I blog is it is a way of recording things that are going on around our homestead and house.  I don't share everything here, but some of the highlights, and in a way it's a form of journaling.

I guess the third reason that I blog is because I LOVE to read blogs.  I do my share of lurking, but I have about ten or twelve blogs that I visit and comment on regularly.  Reading blogs is like sitting down for a cup of coffee with a bunch of moms, and just chatting our heads off about what's going on in our lives.  I can do all this and not even have to get out of my jammies or comb my hair. ( Now you know why I don't vlog. :)

I never dreamed about all the friendships I might make through blogging though.  I just mostly thought I would quietly write, and not get much feedback.  I don't get a ton of comments here on Chicken Scratchings, but the ones I do are from regular visitors.  Some of you I know in person, and some of you I will probably never meet, but I count you all as friends.

So........why do you blog?

If you have a question for me you can go to this post and ask it in the comments.  I'll try to answer them as long as they aren't too personal. :)


  1. I'm retired and have a lot of time on my hands. I blog as a hobby and a way to cause people to think about some of the important issues of life and encourage them through emails and comments :-)

  2. T.O.Geezer--sounds like some pretty good reasons to me. :)

  3. I've considered that question quite a lot since my mom asked my why I would want to spend more time writing than I already do! My reasons are: 1) it's fun, 2) I want to share our lives with our family/friends back in the States, 3)yes, I could send photos via email, but this is more permanent and more people can enjoy them, 4)I always dreamed of being an author, and this is fulfilling that dream!

  4. Emma--I think my ultimate dream is to someday write a childrens book. Don't know if I'll ever fulfill that or not, but the blog definitely scratches that itch. :)

  5. I blog for a lot of the same reasons you do. Therapy, sharing my life with friends and relatives who live away from us. I too love the friends I've made through blogging. I've yet to meet any in real life but know I would love them if I did!


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