Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Adoption Story Part 2

You really should read Part One of this story if you didn't already.

 I got off of the phone with disappointment in my heart because I was sure that we couldn't handle foster parenting. 

Foster parents are these really special people that are strong and can protect their hearts so that when a child has to leave they don't struggle..........right?

The odd thing was that when we started praying about it both my husband and I started feeling this overwhelming peace.

I kept thinking "What if that was my child that needed a safe place to live while I straightened my life out?"

I would want them to stay somewhere like our home.

With people that--although they aren't perfect--would love them and care for them like they are there to stay, and would cry and miss them when they leave.

Isn't that what family does?

So we took a huge leap of faith, and started filling out paperwork, and attending training classes.

Eight months later we received our foster license.

We assumed that we would have several months to adjust to the idea of being foster parents before we would have children placed with us.

Silly us!

Exactly two weeks later we had two little boys--almost one, and almost two years old placed in our home.

Four months, and one week later they are still here.

So, what is the rest of our adoption story?

Is there a part 3?

Why of course!!'ll have to wait for it.

Because--you see--I'm not really the one writing this story.

God is, and only He knows for sure what part 3 will be about.

I have a pretty good idea..........

but you will just have to wait and see.  : )


  1. Isn't it funny how we submit to God, but still have our little plan in mind and then God takes our little step of faith and asked us to take a HUGE leap in faith to complete what He started in the first place? (Did you even follow that?)

    Our family set out to adopt ONE little girl between the ages of 6-10. We submitted to God with that plan in mind and were NEVER going to foster...ever. I made it completely clear in the classes we would NEVER foster and only half-way listened to all those lessons. We answered every question with straight adoption/no foster as our goal. Then the same thing happened to us...God got even more involved in OUR (His and ours) plan and we began fostering. Three years later we have adopted our two foster children that came to us for "six months" and their two baby brothers.

    WE were not going to foster (that's how we were blessed with our children). WE were not doing babies again (we did it twice over). WE were not having anymore boys because we already had 4 (we now have three more). WE were only adopting one girl (we adopted 4 but only one is a girl).

    And we could not be more at peace and happier. Funny how God does that!!

    Can't wait to see how God writes the rest of your story. :)

  2. Thankyou for sharing. How did you all adjust? (if thats not too personal)


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