Thursday, December 8, 2011


As the holidays are approaching I'm digging through my recipe box.

I'm looking for one specific thing.

Recipes for holiday goodies and snacks................

that can be made simply.

As in--in between


and potty training,

and homeschooling,

and laundry,

and dishes,

and dusting,

and sweeping,

and mopping,

and nose wiping,

and egg washing........................

you get the idea.

Then I had this brilliant thought.

I'll ask all my friends in bloggy world.

So---how about it?

I need simple snacky recipes--got any?


  1. I'm no good with snacks, but a friend at church brought a delicious one Sunday. She took whole wheat crackers, put on a slice of cheese, then topped it with half a small pickled onion. Delicious!

  2. Emma-now that would win brownie points with my husband! He loves anything with onions. That would be pretty simple to put together too. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Visit my blog dear if you like I see you in betsy blog, I have a label called "Christmas recipes" and my Mom cookies recipes is nice and easy, :)

    I understand you (lol)

  4. Gloria,
    So nice to have you visit. I'm heading right over to your blog!

  5. Rebecca you make me laugh, but thanks for stooping by, the idea is you cansee the recipes I have easy recipe dear, I dont like complicated things, lol

  6. Here's a good's pretty in little bags for gifts..if you don't munch it all away yourself. lol...


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