Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why Save All The Fun For Friday

I have this habit of planning all the "fun" in my week for either Friday, or the week-end.  Let me explain.

  On Friday we often do something special for lunch.  I often skip some of the more time consuming parts of our home-schooling like flash cards.  Sometimes we eat out as a family for supper, and I used to get groceries on Friday, or Saturday.  As a result everyone--including me--looked forward to Friday's.

In contrast we all dreaded Monday.  It's hard to get back in the "school mindset".  We are tired from the week-end, and the day stretches out in a grey haze that even coffee can't cut.

So today I wracked my brain to think of something to break this yucky Monday cycle. 

I decided why not do some fun things on Monday? Why save all the fun for Friday?

 I told the children that we would get lunch in town if they worked willingly. You should have seen the pencils fly. I even felt excited over the fact that I didn't have to think about lunch.

I've also started doing my grocery shopping on Monday. It's a rather nice way to start the week with a fridge full of food.

I guess some of the tradition behind doing all the shopping etc. on Friday has to do with Friday being the typical paycheck day.  However, my husband is self-employed and he gets "paid" most of the time on Tuesday.

What about you--what day of the week do you grocery shop or eat out or do extra "fun" things?

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  1. Ours is actually Thursday. We meet a ton of other homeschoolers at the park we spend most of the day there. My son is expected to do Math before hand. For now this is very important to us since we are at the last 2 or years that he will want to play. He also does not have PE and was used to this when he was in public school.
    Friday is also a day that is more fun than the others that is because after he does his homeschool here he goes to my parents for Spanish and photography. He often ends up staying the night with them so it is really fun. I think though you make a good point does make one dread Monday a little. I will have to think about it. Perhaps we will do some of our educational movies on Mondays.


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