Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's Going On At My House

I've been trying and trying to think of a way to write this post.

We've had some excitement around our house--yes we have!!

Almost more excitement than I can stand!

Our two little foster boys had birth dad's rights terminated this past week.

Making them "wards of the state" (I hate that phrase--it sounds so cold)

Officially opening up our home for more foster children.

Did I mention that we are licensed for a maximum of three children?

Friday morning I got a phone call asking if we could take twin two year olds and their three year old brother.

I laughed ( kind of like Sarah in the Bible when God told her she would have a baby )  and then told the case worker that we would pray about it.

I was expecting my husband ( the calm rational one ) to say "no".

Instead he said "I know it doesn't make any sense, but I think we are supposed to say yes".

By 6:30 Friday night we had three more little people in our home.

Ages of children living in our home are 9, 7, 3, 2, 2, 2, 18months.

Make a note of the fact that there are three two year olds---I hope I survive. :)

Oh, and one of the twins is a girl. :)

Saying "yes" to God is one wild adventure!!!!!


  1. I'm still trying to catch my breath from reading that. I don't think excitement exactly describes it. Get help! When I was in your shoes, I had wonderful college+ age girls come in for 3 months, 4-6 hours a week to help so I could land on my feet.

  2. I already have some help lined up for next week---and they will continue coming as long as I need them! There's NO WAY I could do it without help. :)

  3. Is the photo of marbles because you may have lost yours??? haha. excciting! Hey, I had three 2 yr olds before :) Foster parenting is an adventure. I'm so glad good stable homes will open their hearts to children like this. Can't wait to hear more!

    You'll be sleeping well! haha. And maybe needing more coffee? :)

  4. You should of told us to sit down before reading this post, whew!

    God knows just what He is doing. Your family is just what those little ones need!

    So glad you are getting help. If I lived closer I'd be right over.

  5. Betsy, I wondered if anyone would figure out why I had a pic of marbles. Yes, I was trying to hint I had lost mine. :) The coffee pot is getting a lot of use. :)

  6. Christine, I didn't know anyone read blogs standing up. :) I tried to think of a way to break the news gently and decided I should just blurt it out. :)

  7. Your family is sure different than when we saw you last! God bless you--I'm not sure how I would handle something like that.

  8. OH dear hope you can rest and sleep well today!!!you are working so much" Im in home again!!

  9. Emma, Yes we have changed a lot in the last year. :) To be truthful I'm not sure how I'm handling it either. :) Just moment by moment. :)

  10. Gloria, I've been sleeping very well!!! I'm so glad you're home!!!

  11. Wow! What a full life you have been blessed with. What greater compliment is there than the Lord entrusting us with His little ones? He knows you can do it, even when you aren't sure how.


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