Thursday, November 1, 2012

Etsy continued

Last time I told you that I was enjoying my window-shopping in a certain etsy shop.

Anyway I finally made a purchase--actually I made two--but I'm only writing about one today.

I collect teapots, and although I have about fifteen of them I have only one other teapot that's blue and white.

This particular blue and white beauty caught my eye in Betsy's shop. 

It arrived in excellent shape and in a very timely manner.

Isn't it pretty?

Have you bought anything from an etsy shop?


  1. Aw! Isn't it just so cute? I love it's shape! Glad it arrived safely and is now in a loving home! ha.

  2. Is absolutely cute! I collect too! and when I saw in Etsy/Betsy ha! I love it!! I always seeing what she has in Etsy shop:)

  3. Etsy/Betsy. lol... that just crack's me up.


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