Monday, February 6, 2012

ABC's of Motherhood

I've decided to have a theme for Monday's.  Partly because Monday is a difficult day for me, but also because it's a good way to start the week.  I am going to work my way through the alphabet with something that applies to mothering that starts with each letter of the alphabet.


A is for attitude.


Over and over I've noticed that my attitude sets the theme for our home. 

When I am positive and upbeat my children are too. 

When I am grouchy and tired they snap at each other and grumble their way through the day.

I realize that not every day is a good day, and plastering a smile on your face like a clown will not automatically make things better.  However, when I feel myself spiraling into a "funk" I try to slip away from the situation and give myself this pep talk.

" I am the only one who can change my bad attitude--blaming it on someone or something else doesn't help--choosing to be happy in spite of my circumstances DOES!"


  1. If you can, Google the singer Kirk Franklin's song, "I Smile". It is such a great song about Attitude.

  2. Oh dear you are so sweet:)
    Sometimes we are soooo tired to be positive, but I believe in BEGIN AGAIN all days my dear that is only thing that feel me alive:))))

    I dont have school for Esperanza still! om and they return to class in March!

  3. Other: Is the first razon we are nos positive sometimes I look in me, in my Mom and a lot os US! we have to rest a little, we need it:))

  4. Gloria, Being tired makes it VERY hard to have a positive attitude doesn't it? :)

  5. yes dear but the amazing God know it:)))

  6. This will be a fun thing to read on Mondays!

    It is so true about the mom setting the family's mood. SO true. ha.

    Love Gloria's thought that we can begin many times as it takes! :)

  7. Betsy, Nothing like having a "do over" is there?

  8. Rebecca, what a lovely idea! i agree with us setting the mood ... once we are aware that we have the capability to set the mood up it's almost our responsibility to set a good and nice one ... :-) ... but yes when one is tired it's more difficult ;-) ... yet as Gloria said each moment is a good moment to start anew :-) looking forward your Monday posts :-)

  9. So true .
    But it's really hard to do.
    Just think how marvelous it would make you feel to conquer negative feelings :)


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