Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Ok, so I promised that I would tell you about the one small thing that has been keeping me from my blog.

I've been so tired--I mean fall asleep in my chair with my children playing around me tired.

I started feeling nauseous a couple weeks ago, and thought I had the stomach flu.

Then I thought maybe I was going through early menopause. ( sorry, I really did )

But the truth is that I'm pregnant!

You can stop laughing now. :)

After fifteen plus years of marriage, and several doctors telling us that it was "extremely unlikely" that I would ever conceive.

I'll try to keep all of you updated--for now the news is this.

I can't drink coffee--it makes me feel ill.

I feel tired--did I mention that already?

Reading things on the computer makes my nausea worse--hence my absence on my blog.

I got to see it's little heart beating yesterday via ultrasound--made me feel so happy!!!!


  1. OMY Rebecca!! I cant believe! anyway you are young and these things happens, I cangrat you of course is a Blessing gift!!!:))
    take care!!!:)

    1. Aww Gloria you're so sweet!!! Thanks!

  2. aaah the life! always is amazing:)))

  3. Im really happy for you always is nice have a baby:))

  4. Ooh, ooh that is so exciting! Congratulations. I know you will savor every blessed moment, nausea or no.

  5. AWWWW! Yay! I was going to guess that on your last post and decided I shouldn't. lol...then the pickle on the side of the cocoa comment on my blog...and I knew immediately! How very wonderful!

    This same thing happened to a friend of mine. Two adoptions and then she got pregnant.

    And I have to share this story, although it's a little long but good...

    Friend of my sister tried forever to get pregnant but couldn't. They adopted a baby and things were wonderful. They wanted to adopt again and were chosen by a birth mother to be the parents. When the baby was born, it was twins! Surprise! They were asked if they wanted one or both of the babies and of course they didn't want the twins separated so they took both. Her church ladies threw a shower for the twins and as she ate cake at the shower, she noticed she felt nauseous. Being a health nut and rarely eating sugar, she thought it was the cake. hahaha...and you can imagine the rest. Yes...a baby was on the way...to join her newborn twins and other toddler. haha. Just goes to show that you can pray for a baby and God might not have said no...just wait..wait until you least expect it. But his timing has a purpose and is perfect. :)

    Congrats, Rebecca! So happy for you. Are the kids excited?

    1. Thanks for the couple fun stories! I was trying to hint to you, and figured you would catch on. :) Yes the kids are all excited. They are picking out names and telling me how much they are going to help etc etc. :)

  6. I knew it! I knew it!! I knew it!!!
    I am jumping up and down and grinning from ear to ear!

    All is forgiven, even though there is nothing to forgive, it's just we missed you.

    Try to keep is informed so we all can pray for you in specific ways.

    Oh... I'm so excited for you!!!

  7. I was trying to figure out how you guessed it. :) I thought maybe you were friends with my mom or something. :)

  8. Aww congratulations! What an amazing blessing and testimony of God's work.

  9. We are all SO excited for you (and your family!), Rebecca! Mum could hardly believe what she was hearing for the first few seconds. Then she immediately went out to tell Dad! We're so happy for you.

    God bless your growing family!

    Esther, for the Filbruns

  10. Congratulations! How exciting! God does work things in amazing ways!


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