Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Talking To My Tomato Plants

I've been talking to my tomato plants lately.  

They are LOADED with lovely green tomatoes.

But, none of them are turning red.

Unlike my "ever-ripening" middle they seem content to stay little and green.

I've told them I have a baby coming in about two months.

And that I want to start canning tomatoes soon.

I feel this urgency in the very center of my being that the clock is ticking.

I have this list that I'm trying to check off "before baby."

But my tomato plants apparently aren't listening. 


  1. A watched tomato never ripens....or something like that. haha.

  2. Let me know if the pep talk works!

  3. You too? My tomatoes are LOADED with grass green tomatoes! They have stayed that way for weeks! Finally this week I picked the first two or three, but most are still not even showing a sign of being anything but green! And sure not the buckets full that I'm wishing for!

    1. So I'm not the only one? Don't know what is taking them so long to ripen this year.


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