Saturday, October 19, 2013


No baby yet.......

Apparently he has no desire to leave his cozy warm home.

Yes, I'm relaxed.....I'm ready.......all the baby clothes are washed.........the bassinet is set up..........the car

seat is clean.

Oh, and no, I'm not on purpose trying to frustrate all the dear people who call me almost daily to see if the

baby was born, and I forgot to tell them.

I'm pretty sure he will come when he is ready.

In the meantime I'm being entertained by all the advice I've been getting on how to "jumpstart" labor


Some of it coming from strangers on the street.

Eat spicy food.

Drink castor oil.

Go for a loooong walk.

Relax.....if you just would relax I'm sure he would come tonight. 

Jump rope.

Wash your kitchen floor on your hands and knees.

The list goes on and on, some of these ideas I've tried, {I'm not going to divulge which ones} but so far none

 of them have worked.

Don't worry though.........I won't forget to tell you when he comes.


  1. I am sure the wee one has a calendar all marked for the grand entrance!

  2. Looking forward to it... but not as much as you are! Ha.

  3. haha...some of those are funny. :) He'll come when he's ready! I'm sure your house if full of excitement! :)

  4. I know what you mean about the people calling! My last was 11 days late; I had never gone more than 2 days over before. There were a few people who called me EVERY DAY the last couple of weeks to ask, "Has that baby come YET?" On the Sunday right after he was due (a full week before he came) I stayed home from church because I couldn't handle the questions anymore! Not to mention the kind of drive we have to was painful by then! Have patience; he has to come out of there sometime!

  5. Been away and so happy to see your post.
    Glad I didn't miss the birth!!

    Sending you blessings!

  6. ah Rebecca Im sure he has know when have to arrive lol
    Dont forget tell us:))))


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