Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What Blogs Do You Read

B  L  O  G  S


I was just wondering.........................................

What kind of blogs do you read?

I have several different categories that most of my favorite blogs fall into.

The first one is "People I Know."  I read two or three blogs that are authored by people that I know in real life--it's so fun to keep in contact that way.

The next one is--you guessed it--"Adoption Blogs"  I LOVE to read about other families who have a heart for the orphan.

The third one is "Cooking Blogs"  I'm always looking for inspiration in the kitchen.

The fourth one is "Organization Blogs"  ummmm, because it lights a fire under me to get busy. 

The fifth one doesn't really have a name, but it's people who I just connect with--when I read their posts I know that they are someone who I would enjoy having a cup of coffee with--they are my online friends.

Last, but not least I like to read "Big Family Blogs" mom's with a lot of little ones are an encouragement to me.

I'm curious, what different kinds of blogs do you read?


  1. My categories are like yours, with the online friends being the biggest one. Change out Adoption with Autism and add some Fashion/Beauty, and you have my list, too!

  2. People I know, Foodie Blogs, Online Friends, Photography (sometimes)Missionaries... Spiritually encouraging ones

  3. That was fun to think about. I guess I follow quite a few missionaries and families living overseas, more than I realized. Also, I read about families that are rainbow in nature as well as those who have adopted through foster care and/or internationally. :)

  4. I just told my husband that you could tell what my latest binge is by watching my google reader. I've went through stages of blogs on homesteading, general cooking, sewing/crafts, bread baking, organizing, writing, homeschooling and probably a few more. Eventually, I get frustrated by feeling guilty for all the things that I read about but don't do and delete them. But usually there is a blog or two that I have connected with the author enough that they stay on my blog list as friends.
    So now my list is a real hodge-podge. Some are real life friends but most are folks like you, gals that I continue to read because of some connection or the encouragement I receive from your writings.

  5. This is fun Rebecca:)

    I love read about my friends first(try every week)
    not matter what about are their post. is nice know about them.

    Second I love read recipes blogs around the world but especially of my close friends.(that is difficult I have a lot)

    Love blogs about books or poemas

    and love to read about adoption families or adoption blogs, the kids are OK but always think maybe they want to know something, or how I can help more them, etc.


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