Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Challenge You

I know I'm not the most regular blogger out there.

But, here's a little news-flash to y'all.

The thing that inspires me to blog is your comments.

And one thing that bugs me.

Is all you people that I know in real life that I know read my blog.

But you never comment.

So, here's your chance.

If you know me in real life.

And you are reading this.

Give me a comment.

Say hi!

Say whatever you want. (as long as it's nice)

You can comment anonymously...just give me an initial or something.

That's your challenge for today.

Oh, and if I only know you in "internet world" you can comment too.

Maybe you have a question for me, or something.

Just talk to me.


  1. It can get frustrating when you have some sort of stat-counter telling you you have many readers, but they're mostly silent, doesn't it? We blog for free. Feedback is usually the only kind of "pay" that we get. Boy, do I sympathize!

    1. So, I'm not alone in my need for comments?

    2. A long time ago I expressed the desire to have more feedback, and was teased as if I wanted more "love" from my readers. I wouldn't go quite that far, haha. You have to appreciate the ones who do show and comment, and wonder about the rest.

    3. Looking forward to "seeing" you on my blog, then. Haha!

    4. I too have friends who read but don't comment. But I see them on my "Live Traffic Feed". Some even say," I read your blog yesterday". I just smile cause I already knew that.

      Comments are like what Silver Fox said, it's our "pay" for blogging.
      Question: How many boys do you have?

    5. I have five boys. Their ages are 11, 9, 4, 3, and 6 months. My little girl (Sugar Pea) is 22 months.

  2. ah Rebecca I know what you say I know people read my blog but never comments anyway I really appreciate the people comments me because I need too know if people enjoy my recipes (in my case)
    I think sugar pea is a beauty:)) hugs

    1. I know, it makes you want to keep blogging when people comment, right?

  3. I read everything you post, but usually (always?) with a 2-year-old nursing and that leaves me with one-handed typing which I hate! So, I'm usually silent. I appreciate your comments, though, on my blog.

    1. I also read a lot of blogs with one of my babies on my lap. I completely understand! I can always tell when you've been by though because of the country that shows up on my stat counter. :)

  4. I'll comment! :) I read every post, and don't mind when they are sporadic because I know that when one does come up it means you took special pains to take time to write it. Keep up the good work! :)

  5. Well, I guess I can't skim that and just move on. :) I too am amused by the # of comments vs. the # of pageviews on my blog but I'm just like everybody else, busy or not creative enough to have something worthwhile to say. I do think blogging has potential to feed our need for grown-up conversation in the midst of truck noises and peanut butter sandwiches but I haven't hit on a magic way to make it happen yet. Let me know if you do!

  6. I totally understand. I love comments too. And it always surprises me when a friend mentions that she reads my blog when she has never commented. But I should be used to it by now!

    And I don't often comment either - so I guess I can't be hard on others!

  7. I read your blog, too. But I never give a comment because my english is to bad ;)
    Your blog is very interesting and I like to read about your life and your children.
    Greetings from Croatia in our Lord Jesus Christ

  8. uh-hum (throat clearing) Please notice I'm commenting, since you insist. :) I usually comment to you in person or on the phone. I enjoy your blog because I like your style of writing. It sounds so 'like' you! (Silly reason) Anywho... Have a good day ~Hugs~ DH

  9. I had not been on your blog for a long time. With bad internet service at home I don't have the opportunity like I used to. I had a chance tonight though, and it was an enjoyable read catching up on posts I hadn't read yet.


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