Saturday, May 14, 2011

Checking Off Mondays List

I'm finally updating on my list from Monday.  I was planning to do this yesterday, but the issues with blogger kept me from it.

Ok, here goes.....

1. I cleaned out my flower bed and fertilized it--I'm hoping to get some bark today to mulch it.

2. My sewing room is tidier than it has been in six months.

3. The winter coats are washed and stored, and the boots are stored--no, I don't wash my winter boots, I don't know why I worded it that way.

4. Due to weather issues the grape arbor is my project for today.

5. The snowfall was removed from the top of the desk, and filed--I even cleaned out a file drawer too!

I'm amazed at the motivation this list gave me.  I am a list person but posting it for others to read added a whole new level of urgency to getting the things done.

 I'm hoping to do another list on Monday, but I would like a little feedback.  Do you like reading my to-do lists for the week?


  1. Lists? Hmn, not sure I am always good at following my lists! LOL! Nice to meet you an I am glad your list have motivated you!

  2. please come organize my desk. I'll serve coffee! lol....

  3. Betsy,
    Sounds like a deal to me,organization in exchange for coffee!!

  4. Yes I make lists for myself all the time.I don't always get them done that day,but it gets me more motivated.The girls like it too;then they can see what Mom has to do that day.

  5. Lists have been my friend for a long time...when I can't figure out where to start my day, they help me get organized!

  6. I would love to see your lists! Maybe is well make me feel more normal!


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