Friday, May 13, 2011

My Favorite Appliance

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite kitchen appliance.

Without it I would be in a continual state of brain fog.

Most of the time I think I would rather give up any appliance but this one.

That's right I would rather wash dishes BY HAND than do without my coffee.

The one feature I especially love is the automatic timer.

This allows me to enjoy coffee before I even fully open my eyes.

I just stagger to the kitchen pour and slurp......oh, first I add a little milk.

What's your favorite appliance?

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  1. OK, I really need one with a timer. I hate getting coffee started in the brain fog mode. LOL

  2. Since my folks moved into our lower level, I've been using my mom's Keurig (I think that's how you spell that). One coffee cup at a time, completely fresh, and HOT (I can't tell you how many POTS of coffee went cold while I tried to get a chance to sit down and drink a cup!!)

    Ya, I'm pretty much addicted to that thing. But hand-wash the dishes.....ummm.....;)

  3. Michigan Momma-
    I've seen the Keurig coffee makers, but I've never had any of the coffee.
    Thanks for commenting!!


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