Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Compost Pile Tomato Plants

This is a current picture of my tomato plants that I planted on the compost pile.

 Several weeks later they are looking lush and several inches taller than the plants in the garden.

 Sadly, one of the plants got stepped on by a little boy who was tearing past, but the remaining two look beautiful.

 The lush green foliage in the background is baby lilac bushes trying to take over.  The little things are EVERYWHERE!

Now go check out Smockity Frocks post on the importance of composting.
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  1. I wish I had a compost pit. I barely have a yard. Here's hoping you get some tomatoes.

  2. We planted our tomatoes where our big old maple tree had been. That and a bit of fertilizer and they are going gang busters! Full of fruit too. Wish they would ripen!

  3. Michelle,

    Your season is a little ahead of ours--I'm not seeing any fruit yet, but the plants look nice!

  4. Rachel-Hopefully soon you will have a larger place with a yard.


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