Saturday, October 1, 2011


I recently inherited a cedar chest from my aunt.

 It's truly a very nice piece of furniture with a lot of practical uses.

This made me think of some other not so tangible things that I've inherited.

I grew up in a safe and happy family.

We always had plenty to eat, and I had more love lavished on me than you can imagine.

I was never left alone and no one ever hurt me or yelled unkind things at me.

This may seem rather simple, but for many children this isn't the case.

"Safe" is not a word that describes their homes.

Many of them aren't even safe before they are born.

Our inheritance or heritage of safe happy homes shouldn't be taken lightly.

I'm planning to take very good care of my "new" cedar chest.

I'll use it to store blankets, and sheets, and I won't leave it outside.

In the same way our inheritance should be used well too.

That's one of the reason's that we decided to become foster parents.

To give back a little--when we've been given SO MUCH.

I've been inspired by different ways that others give back.

Some go on short term mission trips.

Some give their entire lives on the mission field.

Some are powerful prayer warriors here at home.

Some are simply available--if you want help you only need call them.

How are you giving back?

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