Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Brings Me To My Knees

Just in case you wondered what's going on with foster parenting--

--two year old stinker is making me knock on heaven's gate and plead for patience. (maybe I should just pray for unconsciousness)

--one year old cutie learned how to walk, and pull ALL the books off of the bookshelves on the same day.

--allergies are awful around here in the ENTIRE family.

--court date coming up in a couple weeks--please pray!

--unannounced case worker visit sometime in the next week. (It's just what it sounds like, and it stresses me out.)

--as I write the baby is on the table pouring salt all over our home school books. :(

--I'm trying to decide which is more work changing diapers or potty training.

In case you aren't sure--I'm still loving being a foster mommy.  I haven't been bored for several months.


  1. Ahh it sounds hectic! How long have you been fostering?

    My husband and I have thought about this path too. I enjoy reading your posts about your experience. Thankyou

  2. Don't you know that praying for patience is asking for trials??? lol...

    my allergies are HORRIBLE!

  3. How many kids are you fostering? And how many biological do you have? I'm just curious, as we have adopted two. We couldn't do foster parenting because we couldn't maintain a ratio of one adult for every five kids at all times!

  4. Debbie-
    We are fostering two children currently, and we have two adopted children--same as you. We don't have any biological children.

  5. Marcso,
    We've been fostering almost 4 months.

  6. Betsy,
    Yeah I know praying for patience brings trials--that's why I thot maybe I should pray for unconsciousness, but then who would watch the kids. LOL


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