Saturday, February 4, 2012

Things I'm Happy for This Saturday 3

Appliances--while I sit here and blog several of them are doing my work for me. :)

Sunshine--It is absolutely gorgeous out today.

Chamomile Tea--Nothing like a good nights sleep after a cup of tea.

A Clean House--Why oh why does that make me so happy?

A Good Book--There's one waiting on my night stand for me to read

Your turn!!!!  What makes you happy today?


  1. to read your lovely list Rebecca :-) and the beautiful blue sky & sun & white sparkling snow we had today :-) & now that i'm going to sleep soon in a warm bed while it's freezing outside :-) happy Saturday!

  2. today...

    -cozy grey skies
    -Whiskers kitten sitting here on my desk with me
    -sleeping in until 10AM
    -morning coffee in bed
    -The Mister doing dishes
    -An impromptu kiss from Alex


  3. Let me think dear... (lol) Im happy cause I have water to the plants and grass (many days we havent and you know how is)
    I stay with my son at home (lol)
    He made his bed!
    I made some empanadas and I find delicious
    a friend mail me and I was happy to herad from her!!

  4. Birdie, There's is nothing like a warm cozy bed after a busy day!!

  5. Betsy, Your fourth thing on your list would be enough to make me very happy---anyone who helps with the dishes around here is my hero. :)

  6. Gloria, I love it when my boys make their beds--especially when they do it without me asking them to. :)

  7. yes rebecca he made the bed and I dont asked him (lol) love my dear ditto:)

  8. Betsy I think your mister is amazing I send he huggs like Rebecca I think any help me to wash plates is and hero!! Only my Mom when come or Esperanza help in washed plates, today I wash alot of pans and skillets (lol)

  9. Well, he's not home a lot...and I usually do it alone! ha. But when he is home, he does help around the house, which is very nice. :)

    Gloria .. How nice that he made his bed! I'm the only bed maker around here. I loved your list!

  10. Aaaaah. Such a great list! Today, having breakfast with my guy, hoarfrost on the trees and just that it is Saturday makes me happy. :-)

  11. Aah betsy i s the first time he made! (lol) Esperanza sometimes made her bed!

    Rebecca come and see what I made to valentine and is special for betsy!


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