Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Think I Deserve This

I am a mother of boys............ALL boys.

There are no little pink hair bows by my bathroom sink.

There are sometimes rocks, and the occasional frog, but no pink.

There is lots of muscle showing and wrestling that goes on at my house.

There is bloodshed and tears.

There are lots of holes in the knees of jeans.

There are tigers, and wolves, and creepy things in the dark.

If you walk around a corner--brace yourself--because someone will jump out and yell boo!

There are long discussions about motors and horsepower and many things that make my eyes cross.

Oh, and this morning there were Indian names.

Everyone who could talk was announcing what their "Indian name" was.

The conversation ended when one blond haired blue eyed boy stated loudly

"My Indian name is Squatting Dog!"

Oh help!!!!

Does anyone have any cute little ladylike girls that I can borrow for the day?


  1. Oh Dear!! well when I read I remember thats so different are Esperanza from Gerardo my son, but really between us I think the boys are more simple and eat almost all(lol)
    Esperanza is veggi about 3 years, only eat fishes and sefood, but now is in a new area, drink red fruits (OMY) and eat some things, you know!!
    Yours boys are adorable, anyway when I was a child I have an indian name of course!!!have a nice day Rebecca

  2. Gloria, I had an Indian name too, but NOT Squatting Dog. I don't think he thought too hard about that before he said it. :)

  3. Giggle! As a former tomboy who had a boy and only nephews, I can't help with the frilly girlie things. Sorry! Although Pink is my favorite color.....

  4. AmyLK, I was a bit of a tomboy myself--that's why I titled this post "I Think I Deserve This" :)

  5. ooh the boy have a lot of imagination, more than usa dear, I had a name but I dont put here, ha,ha when we talk I tell you, ha,ha I love be indian I never want be a cowboy!! (lol) and love Pocahontas too!!I want be a girl again!!

  6. Gloria, I don't think I was ever a cowboy either--but I can't remember what my name was.

  7. I remember but is so trangue and search in google and all is in languaje I dont know, like from Alaska (lol) ha.ha

  8. Gloria, I probably can't help you--the only language I know is English--a couple Spanish words--and a few German words. I think you are so talented using more than one language!

  9. I sent you a mail with the link (lol) ia ao funny.

    Dear I saw you had a post about zucchinis ( sorry my mind is always about food ha,ha) I want plant here how you made dear!

  10. squatting dog is funny actually :-) children have such a wonderful imagination! did they give you any indian name as well? just curious ... :-)

  11. Birdie, No, they didn't give me an Indian name. Maybe I should ask them what my Indian name should be.......or maybe I'd better not. :)

  12. haha ... true, they may find you on you won't like and it will stay with you, they gonna tease you with it :-) ...

  13. I had a friend who had 4 boys and she would come over just to look into our daughter's closet. She would open the doors and sigh, saying "PINK!".

  14. Betsy, Much nicer than my son's choice. :)


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