Thursday, February 2, 2012

Believe It Or Not

Believe it or not, I, the "chicken lover" did not always like eggs.

At one time I could barely choke one down.

Because I knew they were good for me I ate them.

But I didn't enjoy them ONE BIT.

When we started buying them from the farm.

I noticed something.

Eggs from the farm taste much different...

than grocery store ones.

The yokes taste almost buttery.

Now I actually LIKE eggs!

It makes it even more fun that they come from my own back yard!


  1. Yes is true here sometimes we but some eggs from farm and are better, the yolk is different and tasty different, I not a lot of eggs, (only when I make to the kids I taste:) haha) is a tick you know, but love to cook with nice eggs:) believe me is really different! !

  2. Can you send some eggs dear neighbor (lol) I have to baking, Did you know when Im sad I love baking??

  3. Gloria, I would love to send you some eggs! I'm sorry you are sad today.

  4. Eggs are a funny food.
    You either hate them or love them.
    I didn't start liking them until I was pregnant.
    Nothing better then Farm Fresh!

  5. Christine, A couple of my children have had to "learn" to like eggs. I just kept offering them a bite over and over, and one day they liked them. :)

  6. sshhh! is Ok some days Im sad too dear:) well but I have a lot of work, er what time the eggs?? ha,ha
    I hav eto make some for lunch:(

  7. Gloria, hahaha I don't know what time the eggs will be there. How long does it take to ship things to Chile?

  8. whenever i can i bring eggs from the farm ... there is NO comparison to those we buy in the store which i don't buy anymore ... if i have to buy at the store then i buy organic eggs but still it is not as good as those that you buy from people who have their own chicken and you know what they feed them and how they let the chickens to run free ... i would be scared to eat an egg from the store ...

  9. By ship ? dear they will arrive in little chickens Ha,ha,

  10. Gloria, Awwww, you need some baby chickens don't you? Your kids might like them. :)

  11. Hehe no thanks Esperanza want a bunny (again) I dont know. The dogs (you know) are terrible sometimes.
    When I see the picture of your eggs I think, nice other recipe of Rebecca, Im hungry, and then I read the post (lol) Im better dear but the kids (wait when the grow) one go to a friend and the other go to something about music, thats kids:)
    alone again naturally:)

  12. Gloria, I wish you lived next door--you would never be lonely. :) I could let you borrow one of my kids for the day any time you wanted too. Got a recipe for you tomorrow. :)

  13. a nice! Rebecca Of course would be nice, some days I feel alone dear.
    Hope for your tecipe (lol)
    If I go there I can care you the kids, cook to you etc.etc.
    I love knitting too(lol)

  14. I agree! the "homegrown" ones are way better!

  15. I agree. I think every one should own either a duck or a chicken or one of both lol

  16. How you wake up dear, I need someone cheers me (lol)

  17. Gloria, Well, I woke up ok I guess. The baby was awake a lot last night. :( I've had my coffee, and that made me feel better. :)

  18. OM Dear I remember that the baby feel bad or other? Try to rest in the afternoon, Im better:)


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