Saturday, February 18, 2012

Things I'm Happy For This Saturday 5

A Quiet House--Older boys are outside, and the little boys are playing quietly.
(which should probably worry me)
My Husband--He makes me smile. (that's one of the reasons I married him)
My Little Family--I look at their faces around the dinner table and can't believe how blessed I am.
A Good Night's Sleep--My baby slept all night last night! (Why do I always mention sleep in these posts?)
Pacifiers--I don't think I need to explain this one. :)
What makes you happy today?


  1. Oh I love this rebecca!!
    1. yes the house is quiet, only me and my son I love when all is quiet(lol)

    Oh you baby sleep all night!! is the more lovely thing a Mom love (lol)
    Im cooking (lol) a chicken breast I want make chicken pot pie but I have a lot of recipes I have to choose one but I love I make the dough (anyway I dont have any freeze dough)
    have a lovely day

  2. wonderful..the baby slept through the night! That is always a great thing! Did you have one of those "I hope he's alright!" thought? ha.

  3. Betsy, Yeah a little bit! He has been sleeping all night until the last two weeks--I think he's teething, and it gets to be a vicious cycle where he gets up every night at about 2am. :(

  4. I enjoy a quiet house too but maybe for different reasons? My 3 boys are big and can really raise a racket if and when they tussle in the house :) My family and the weather made me happy today! Very productive day doing outside work. ♥

  5. House is quite here too
    As the 15 cats and dog have settled down and are out of view..haha
    And when the baby stays asleep
    Sure your glad you get a heap

  6. Sleeping babies is ALWAYS something to be happy about.

    I tagged you in a MEME over on my blog. Hope you will play along:

  7. Rebecca, that's a lovely list, and sleeping through out the night, i mean oh wow, congratulations!! i had to smile at Betsy's comment when she asked whether you worried if everything is all right since the baby slept throughout the night ... i still remember that! when finally! my son started to sleep the whole night which didn't happen till he was 2.5 i was waking up in the middle of the nigh checking his breath ... :-) is a hard job to be a mom but it's the most beautiful one as well :-)


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