Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Some of you might be wondering.

Why would we say "yes" to three more children.

When our arms were already full.

Let me try to explain.

When we got the phone call about these little kiddos.

We asked our two older boys what they thought about having some more children in our home.

They're 9 and 7.

The nine year old got tears in his eyes.

He said "We HAVE to take them mom---if we don't---who will?"

See he understands a little about foster parenting.

Tiny babies are easy to find foster homes for.

Small children are easy to find foster homes for.

Single children are easy to find foster homes for.

Sibling groups of two are a little harder to place.

Sibling groups of three are very difficult to find a home for.

It's easy to look at something hard, and say "That doesn't make any sense for me to do that."

My challenge for you today is from my nine year old.

"If I don't do it who will?"


  1. I understand Perfect dear Rebecca!! you know all the times my kids want I adopt someone more! Can we adopt Mom ? I say is not easy, here is difficult all the papers and you know, But all baby Esperanza know is homeless she want adopts, I think like you and your kids growing know they are adopt, want to adopt to all, is nice yours kids are so dear, absolutely nice!!like mine (lol)
    with all my love, Gloria:))))

  2. What a beautiful post! I have had the idea of fostering & adoption simmering and growing in my spirit. We haven't taken the plunge yet (and my husband hasn't felt the same urging of the Spirit...yet). But, I would love to hear more about how you've gotten involved.

  3. Love the heart in this family. What a wonderful spirit you are "fostering" in all of your children.

  4. awww...but no, I never wondered that. You were meant to take them! :)


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