Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Place In-Between

I don't claim to be a poet, but this is something I wrote addressing one of the more difficult aspects of foster parenting.  The reality that you may have these children for only a little while is difficult to face.

My house is a place
That is safe and is warm
There are beds that are soft, and clean

There is plenty to eat
And safe places to play
And babies are fed and kept clean

But sometimes it's not
The place that you stay
The place that you "grow all the way"

Because somewhere out there
There's a family for you
That will love you "forever and a day."

So we love you while here
And hug you and care
For all of your needs big or small.

Cause my house is a place
That you can call home
But really it's just in-between.


  1. I said are a stepping stone in their journey...a place where they became more stable and a little more secure. You should take great pride and comfort in that. It's wonderful.

  2. How are you Rebecca? Hope all goes well! xoxox


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