Saturday, May 5, 2012

Facing My Fear

 I have a couple of secret fears--especially in relation to foster parenting

Things that I'm pretty sure I would not handle well.

This past week one of those fears became a reality.

I found head lice on my children.

I very nearly lost it.

I washed bedding,

I scrubbed heads with weird smelling chemicals,

I nit-picked. (literally)

I fretted and stewed until my husband could come home and look at my head. ( Which itched like crazy )

I called everyone who we had been in contact with for the last couple of days.

And at the end of the day I realized something profound.


Don't get me wrong I wouldn't wish the crawly little bugs on anyone, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

  Many loads of laundry washed in hot water.

 Lots of head scrubbing and holding squirmy toddlers still, but we all survived. 

Somehow my imagination had ranked head lice up there with a national disaster, and it's really not.

Have you ever faced your worse fear, and realized it's not as bad as you thought?


  1. Dear Rebecca (dont disturb you I told you dear? I only say dear to my cares friends and people I love but someones laughing me by these) Is the life..
    anywayIm agree is not the end of the world but is terrible when we are mom, I was lucky in the kids school (not now) always others kids have but not mine, But I understand you when many years ago I go in Missions (catholic missions) we live and share sometimes with very poor people (and is not matter to me) but someones talked about they have lices, of course not ALL, but you know OK I was afraid but I think OK if I will have will be OK and never I had.
    Is part of the life of Mom dear when in the school and the Miss told me they have in class I always wahing them the hair ha,ha, but of corse I would be other thing but never make. Only the brush was fine and I use always when thet were little to sometimes.
    LOL sont worry I think you are sweet and amazing!

  2. Now I have others fears... of course we live with them, but I trty to trust in God again and again!

  3. I'm delighted that you faced head lice and are winning over both them and your fear. I know that my kids have had lice before, but not since we have had them. I'm hoping that this will be one of those things that I make it through life without having to face. I'm sorry that you are having to go through it, but glad that it's not the end of the world.

  4. I can't comment on this because I'm afraid if I do it might happen. I'm much happier watching you conquer your fear! :)

    I'm not sure I can have a kid who has graduated college or who won't live at home anymore or doesn't need to ask my permission for ANYTHING...but we do and we will and we can by the grace of God. Oh yes, one day at a time.

    Just think how clean everything will be. Sigh.

  5. haha...I think Jennifer's fear is to be jinxed! lol. :)

    At least once a year the school send home a letter warning of head lice and that a case has been found at school. Fortunately, none of my boys have ever brought it home. I was laughing, however, at your own head itching...I imagine mine would have done the same thing!

    Yes, not the end of the world, and now you have one less fear! :)

  6. ugh. i just posted about head lice. we have our second case of it--having had it last year. i hate to tell you this, but you are no where near "over it." i think you victorious attitude is great! but until you are "lice free" for six weeks, don't rejoice! they tend to come back. again. and again. it really is tough. i recommend olive oil on the scalp every night for a month. seriously. the last time we had it, after 8 weeks (of a week or two of remission, and then another outbreak) O had to hire a professional service to the tune of $600. add that to what we'd already spent on hot water and shampoos, and the "Lice episode of 2011" cost us over $1,000. It was our Christmas money. This time, I've been crazy. I washed ALL the sheets every day for 3 weeks. (I have 4 kids.) I bagged every item of clothing, but essentials and put it in the garage. I've been put olive oil and shower caps on ALL of us every night for a month. And, by golly, I think we've beaten it. We are lice an nit-free for 3 weeks, which is a BIG deal, because we could never *quite* make it to the 3 week mark last time. Good luck, God bless, and keep the victorious mentality!


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