Monday, June 25, 2012

ABC's of Motherhood


M is for "Make The Best of It"


Motherhood has a way of handing out some tough challenges.  Some of us have children with special needs that we never imagined when we pictured being a mom.  Some of are facing financial challenges that are stretching us.  Some of us may be experiencing marriage problems.

While I'm not suggesting we stick our heads in the sand I think some of life's problems are best faced with a bit of common sense.  If we spend all our time bemoaning what "might have been" we aren't putting our heart into making it better.

That child whose struggles frustrate us isn't helped by a mother who is in a state of depression.  The financial struggles aren't improved if we gripe about what we can't afford, and most marriages aren't helped by wishing that we had married prince charming.

Find a mom who has a child with similar special needs, and ask her for some input with your child.  Look online for tips on saving money and budgeting what income you have.  If your marriage is faltering talk to your minister about some quality marriage counseling, and in the meantime try praying for your spouse no matter how much they are frustrating you right now.

Most importantly commit to not communicating negatively about whatever is challenging you.  You should talk about it, but if you are constantly complaining about it the issue can become a mountain.

I am by no means an expert on any of the three challenges that I wrote about, but I have experienced all three at different times in my life.  

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  1. That is good advise! I tend to bite my tongue a bit too much instead of trying to work something out. Then it is a mountain ....or volcano? haha and erupts after months and months. Not the wisest thing to do. :)


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